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Going to Italy by bus

In order to avoid flying, Oliver chose to travel by bus from Copenhagen to Italy. Oliver has come to appreciate slow travelling which he sees as a very healthy thing to do when you have an extremely busy life.

What is your name, how old are you and what is your occupation?

My name is Oliver, I’m 23 years old and I run an environmental organisation called RenSti – full time.

Historie billedeWhere did you travel to and how?

I travelled from Copenhagen to Cervinia in Italy by bus.

What inspired you to travel sustainably?

I mainly chose to travel in this way to avoid flying. However, I have come to appreciate traveling slowly through many trips hitchhiking, interrailing or taking long-distance busses. I have an extremely busy life, always balancing on the verge of getting stressed. So I think forcing myself to unplug for 30-something hours at a time was a very healthy thing to do.

Did you consider the fact that you travelled eco-friendly?

Absolutely, this was my primary motivation.

Historie billedeWhat were the challenges by traveling this way?

Well I had to leave a day earlier than the rest of the group and I had to sleep in a bus seat.

Did you make any compromises on your trip?

Yeah I’d say I compromised on comfort most of all, haha. Sitting in a bus seat can be a bit uncomfortable.

Historie billedeWhat do you take with you from the travel?

Well lots of things really. First of all, that you can get pretty far in little time by bus. Using bus/train for a longer distance is something I would definitely consider as well, especially if the distance could be divided into smaller bits with breaks in between. I also feel I got a lot out of this particular trip. I got to know some people I would have never talked to otherwise, like a group of Colombian exchange students whom I could practise my Spanish with. Also, I read two books I’d kept postponing, got a lot of work done, tried meditating for an hour for the first time, saw some beautiful landscape and most of all got to really relax and get a bit bored. We’re never really bored these days, so that was nice for a change.

Did this trip inspire you to continue travelling sustainably?

Very much! I think you enjoy the destination much more when you feel that you’ve had to endure a bit to get there. It’s also so much cheaper. My eyes have really been opened to slow travelling and how you get so much more out of taking your time and moving through the landscape at a slower pace.

Historie billedeDid you consider the fact of being a sustainable tourist?

Sure. It also made me contemplate a bit on whether or not you can really be a sustainable tourist, but at least we can do our best to reduce our travelling footprint and offset what we can’t reduce.

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