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Home From Rome

Mads Due Hansen, 26, student and intern at Vallekilde Højskole: I lived in Rome for half a year in the second half of 2018 and the start of 2019. When I was about to return to Denmark, I chose to travel home by train. I travelled from Rome to Milan and from there to Copenhagen – through Venice, Munich and Frankfurt.

What inspired you to travel sustainably?

A lot of things inspired me. News, science and friends.

Did you consider the fact that you travelled eco-friendly?

Yes, very much. I believe that we all have to take action in the transforming of our ways of living regarding the current – and future – challenges to our climate. My choice of going by train won’t solve anything but hopefully it can be a step in the process of changing attitude regarding how to live and travel more sustainably – both to myself and maybe people around me.

Historie billedeWhat were the challenges of traveling this way?

The travel was the end of a stay in Rome where I had lived for half a year. In other words, I had quite a lot of luggage with me – and the same did my friend and travel partner Stefan. We had to change trains several times, which was quite a challenge. But we managed!

Did you make any compromises on your trip?

We didn’t buy the trip before our day of departure. Therefore, we didn’t manage to get a night train with actual sleeping cabins. So I didn’t really sleep. I guess, that was some kind of compromise…

Historie billedeWhat do you take with you from the travel?

A lot. Even though it was tough, we also experienced a lot of nice moments. Watching the landscapes changing up through Europe. Watching the sun rising from our seats. Packing out snacks and settling in the train cabins. Long and calm talks about whatever.

Did this trip inspire you to continue travelling sustainably?

Definitely. I don’t know when I’ll go by plane again. I don’t see it happen in the near future.

Historie billedeDid you consider the fact of being a sustainable tourist?

Not really. People go by train everywhere at all times – and long distance as well. And I’m just another example. But I hope we are experiencing a change in how people travel and arrange their adventures towards more sustainable tourism.

What is your best advice for other people that consider traveling sustainably?

Do it with a good friend, take breaks along the route, bring some local snacks.

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