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Tales from a World Tour, part 1.

In 2016 and 2017 for 11 combined months I travelled around the world alone. This saga will consist of random memories from special places I came across, people I met or experiences I made. Between my Bachelor and Master degree I decided to take a year away from my normal life, and live a life of freedom. That was for me to go to places far away, and meet up with friends in other parts of the world, who I wasn’t able to visit often. My route was through USA, South America, New Zealand, Australia, South Asia, North West Asia and home.

And all of a sudden it was my birthday...

My first stop was Manhattan to visit Zak, whom I met the year before hiking in Spain. As a NY resident Zak showed me the third and fourth rang tourist attractions in Manhattan, which you definitely don’t come across on your first visit. One evening we went to get Indian food at The Milon in lower Manhattan.

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This place is very special because of the decorations in the restaurant consisting of a million lights hanging from the ceiling, and well... the fact that the staff sings an Indian Techno version of Happy Birthday to You, at such occations. And all of a sudden it was my birthday, and an Indian voice started chanting “Hapi Birsdai Too Yu”, while the waiters clapped and sang along and a cake with lights appeared before me. This was of course arranged by Zak, and came as huge surprise as my birthday is in December and this was in July. Great evening at place worth visiting, and I recommend doing it at birthday occasions. If you are curious of this birthday celebration at the Milon, there is several videos on Youtube documenting it.

Till next time! ✌🏼

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