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Tales from a World Tour, part II.

After two and a half weeks on the west coast, I flew to Denver Colorado to meet up with friend Lucas. After doing high school in Denmark, Lucas moved to the states to do his college degree in the Rocky Mountains. For two weeks I joined him in his camp near Buena Vista in the Arkansas River Valley. While Lucas was working as a rafting guide, I was able to join the guided tours and do a lot of other cool stuff too.

A night to remember

For the last weekend I spent in Colorado, Lucas and I drove up to Aspen to do the Conundrum Trail, leading up to some renowned hotsprings. Heading up the trail we were stopped by the park patrol, who wanted to know if we had our food in bear canisters, which we did not, resulting in a trip back to Aspen to then restart the trail. Bummer! I should mention that the trail starts at about 2400 meters and the hot springs is about 3400 meters, not really enough to get you altitude sick if your are acclimatized, but still enough to take you out of breath. The trail was more beautiful than I could imagine, and we saw almost no people on it but instead a lot of wildlife, and traces of bears. It all worked out and at the end of the day we arrived at the hot springs and what a reward. The scenery is amazing and the hot springs were so hot we could lie there until after dark. That night we drank wine with other campers in the hot springs and watched more shooting stars than I could count. On the picture at the top it’s me in the pool to the right. An unforgettable experience, and definitely a place I want to revisit some day. You can go back and read my first story about a certain restaurant in Manhattan, and how I had a surprise birthday without knowing it. Until next time. ✌🏼

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