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Tales from a World Tour pt. III

When I left Colorado I brought only one bad thing with me. The night before my departure I was bitten by a spider on my right elbow. Driving to a bar in my friends’ truck, the little thing bit me and I flicked it out the window. This resulted in a massive inflammation of my right arm, and a bit of pain.

I flew into Washington DC and spent the first day in the city. In the evening the pain in my arm had gotten so bad that I decided to visit a urgent care clinic the next day.

Misery loves company

As if things weren’t bad enough I got robbed in the evening. After dining in Alexandria, we walked back to our car and saw that it had been broken into. All my camera gear was gone and only my passport was left behind... thanks I guess. That was the least of my concerns though because my insurance would take care of it.

The next day at the urgernt care, after an examination, I was sent to the emergency room, and was hospitalized for two nights with antibiotics shot into my arm intravenous. This resulted in missing my flight to Brazil and yeah, a lot of phone calls with my insurance company.

Everything worked out ok though and thanks to my hosts Oscar and Matt I had a great time in DC. ✌🏼 Till next time.

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