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Tales from a World Tour part IV.

My next stop was Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where I had two reasons for going. 1: Visiting my former exchange student in Denmark. 2: Experiencing the Olympic Games for the first time in my life. Both was an outright success! I did drag some of that spider infection with me in my arm and had to be on heavy antibiotics, but it didn’t stop from having a great time. My friend Gustavo and his brother Guilherme showed me Rio and the Brazilian culture in the middle of celebrating the biggest sport event in the world. In the day I had amazing beaches and various possibilities for seeing sports with all nationalities and in the night there were parties in the streets of Rio. I had a blast.

Three different parts of Rio

I never felt insecure while walking around the big city, though I had been warned of crime everywhere. This was a good opportunity for experiencing the many parts of Rio. The beaches are amazing and most famous of all the Copacabana had a volleyball stadium on it. The mountains around the city makes for some cool views and hikes. Lastly the renowned Favelas of Rio, known for its criminal underground portrayed in the movie City of God. Some of these Favelas has been turned into cultural areas, where capital values doesn’t exist. I had a trip through the Vidigal favela with danish photographer Kenneth Nguyen, where the cover photo is taken. Another famous part of Rio is the statue of Christ standing over the city.

That’s about it. After that I travelled up in Brazil to the jungle, but that will be the next chapter!

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