Af Andreas Heldbo

11 måneder siden

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Tales from a World Tour part V.

The Olympic Games in Rio was an amazing experience! I watched various sports for the three weeks I was in Rio including the Olympic Men’s handball final, which Denmark won! 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰 I want to share some very useable knowledge for getting tickets if you are ever going to the Olympic Games. As expected for such an event, the ticket prices are moderately high. But the trick to watching the cool events is to never buy your tickets online. For the Olympic Games a ton of tickets is being given away to sponsors, why there is a massive sale in front of the arenas. These tickets are sold a bit cheaper normally and sometimes given away for free. An American guy on the flight to Rio gave me this advice and I figured I should try it out. By doing this I watched a lot of random events because I was given the tickets for free and some of them were even sold out.

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Online the tickets were very expensive and mostly sold out in the affordable categories. I watched athletics, swimming, handball, basketball, football and volleyball along with some other blurred out events with no significance. Anyway it was awesome, and the Olympics are an amazing event of sport, culture and celebration. And with this I’ll leave ya’ to it. Till next time! ✌🏼

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